Simbu surprises a fan

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Simbu aka STR has made a fan’s birthday memorable by a special gesture- reaching out to him over phone, wishing him and telling him that family and profession should be the priority and he is after them.

The actor also asked his die-hard fan called Deepu S Giri to be safe from the Covid-19 pandemic virus. The fan himself shared the news on his Twitter page and expressed joy and gratitude for the love from his ‘King’ Simbu..

Posting the conversation between him and Simbu, Deepu S Giri posted, “Iam speechless, honoured ❤ and moved to tears! Nandri Thalaivan #SilambarasanTR 🎁🙏 Love you.. Love you.. Love you so much! 😘

Thanks to brother @hariharannaidu for making this magical moment happen in my life🙏.”

He added: “hanking everyone for their warm wishes today. Though it was not the right time to feel special with current crisis, love unfolds through strong bonding.

That unconditional love I received from my King #SilambarasanTR calling me and wishing me on my birthday❤🙏


On the work front, Simbu was shooting for ‘Maanaadu’ directed by Venkat Prabhu, when the Covid-19 induced lockdown haltted the work abruptly.


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