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I am happy to announce the launch of the Ecom site www.o2f2.in

This ecom site is created by my Sishya, Vasan. Suri and I am feeling proud to launch this.

The e-com site will serve as a “Affiliate Digital Marketing Platform” for Natural and healthy products (ready to make) from “Desi Street Foods”, Bangalore and for Leather Products & Accessories from “KNOYAL” Chennai.

Being a Full moon day, it was launched yesterday night and I take pleasure in announcing it.

As Vasan. Suri mentioned in the recent article “100 days of lockdown”, the job was entrusted to a young boy and his team and all were remotely handled during these lockdown period.

The Leather Products & Accessories still need to be updated with more details and the process is on.

Being an auspicious day, (Guru Purnima) the site got launched yday night. As laid down by our elders that, Grihapravesh (House Warming) is to be done, when the house is still incomplete and then, complete the house.

The same way, one part of health and immunity products is ready and the leather products & Accessories part will be completed during this week.

These natural & healthy products are offered as “ready to prepare” powders and are very tasty. Further, all types of organic millets are mixed together to provide necessary health boosters.

These products serve as “immunity boosters” the much preferred product in today’s Corona period.

Request all your kind patronage as usual to support this venture by my Sishya, Vasan. Suri.

Vasan. Suri wanted me to mention here that this e-com site is a dedication to his Friend, Guide & Philosopher Mr. Lakshminarasimhan (Eshwar) and he follows Eshwar as his Spiritual Guru.

PS: There is another program & website with e-Commerce, which will have natural products and exclusive luxury leather accessories, which will be launched in November. This is awaiting certain clearances being health & organic products.

By Naveen



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