Lakshya Hariharan’s ‘Moh’ Hindi short film- Review by Vasan Suri

“Jaal” or “Chaal” could have been a better title.
The trap he makes for girls and in the end he falls in the same trap. The inner negative thoughts drags him in to the same well.

The crux of the story and the result brought out is right.
But, there could have been some situations to be more impactful.

BGM could have brought in more emotions.

The characters in the film have done their best.

One or two impactful scenes could have made it better[

Overall, since it is a Hindi short film the emotion and depth is enough

By Vasan Suri

Cast & Crew details

Produced by: Ayesha Mohite
Directed by : Rajesh Anand Mohite
Story, Screenplay: Mandar Gavankar, Rajesh Mohite
Dialogues: Mandar Gavankar
D.O.P. : Ganesh Kalsekar
Music & B.G. M : Prathamesh Vilas Mohite
Choregrapher: Lakshya Hariharan
Editor : R Anand
Executive Producer: Rahul Unawane
Finance & Brand Marketing: Ravindra Jalindar Jadhav
Cast Prachi Sahastrabuddhe, Lakshya Hariharan, Mandar Gavankar, Jagruti Shabajkar, Dattatraja Ghadi


- Review by Vasan SuriMOH “ Hindi Short Film
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