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Catch a glimpse of the latest song, ‘Sago.’ From start to the end, this song is mesmerizing.

The video has a natural backdrop. You can visualize the beauty of life through the video. It talks about how change is constant. You cannot skip growth and fall in life. This song uses the imagery of butterflies to remind us that change is beautiful.

Overall, ‘Sago’ is a self-healing song. Everything in life is a process, and this moving song helps you heal yourself and rise above all that you’ve endured in life.

Self-healing is one press away!

Play now.


Music composer : Vinaita Sivakumar

Singer : Saindhavi

Lyrics : Neelima Esai

Cameraman :  Sendhil

Editor : Jagdeep

Assistant cameraman :Mani & Naveen

Drone : Vinoth

Edit, DI and Mixing: cuckoo studios

Music Programmer : Solomon

Location courtesy : sasikala

Project designer : Gokul

Produced by : Esai pictures

Directed by : Neelima Esai

A Neels venture

Publicist : Yuvraaj

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