Radhika shines in ‘Gaalivana’ trailer




Saran Koppisetty is coming up with a direct to digital film, ‘Gaalivana’. Zee5 has produced it and soon they plan to release it on the app.

Radhika is the main attraction of the trailer released to promote the film. A young couple get murdered and a suspicious person ends up at the door of Radhika’s character. He is believed to be the killer but is he?

This is the story of the film and it will premiere on 14 April. Along with Radhika, Chaitanya Krishna, Sai Kumar, Chandini Choudhury, Nandini Rai are part of the cast of the film. Hari Gowra has composed music and Chandra Pemmaraju wrote the film.

Sharath Marrar and Sameer Gogate of BBC produced the film for Zee5.


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