#Covid19#Under privileged display their commitment# Being with the Nation# – Corona Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri


“Ezhaiyin Sirippil Eraivanai Kanalam”.

“ஏழையின் சிரிப்பில் இறைவனைக் காணலாம்!”

Prime Minister of India requested all the citizens of India to come together and light lamps on 9th April at 9pm.

Lot of theories starting from motivation, Astrological lines were being discussed across the Country as to why, what and how? And some nay sayers talking it as superstition and gimmicks.

Importantly, the Nation stood by the PM and all over the Country the lamps were lit. India stood as one on National Emergemcy.

There were some emotional moments and heart warming pictures circulated after the 9 minutes.

Looking at these pics, we can easily understand their economic plight and still they wanted to show their solidarity with the Government.

Light dispels the darkness in the atmosphere and from the mind. Brings positive energy around.

Look at their faces. They have a sense of satisfaction and feel a part of the society even in their poor state.

It is important to understand that they are content with what they have and find their joy in every moment.

There are many of us who complain about every small discomfort in life and looking at them should open our eyes,

“Nimmadhi ungal choice”.

“நிம்மதி உங்கள் சாய்ஸ்”

By Vasan.Suri


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