Covid-19, – Is it a Stumble Block or Speed Breaker. Covid-19 Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri



Dear All,

Covid – 19, is definitely a speed breaker. I have been thinking over many situations, which I have witnessed and have gone through the past 56 years of my life.

My job, profile and business have helped me to travel to many parts of our Country and also Worldwide. I have witness and gone through many challenges and calamities and social problems during this travel.

How much of us were affected or were made to think of the humanitarian cause when many natural calamities like flood, tsunami, earthquake, drought, famine etc., and man made disasters like wars and suicide bombing and terrorist attack.

Surely, the people in those areas have acted and reacted but, the other parts of the Country or the World never really got affected bearing a few good hearts who live for humanitarian support.

When it came to Covid-19, whole World is united and committed to fight against it. This is because of the fear of death of my family and my friends.

So, the Covid-19, have come as a warning signal to all of us to sit and stay put and start thinking that, how we should work towards cause of the humanitarian if we have to save our family. “Take care of the World and the World will take care of you”

Replace the word “World” with Country, State, City, Village, Town, Street and we have the answer.

I have been able to come to a conclusion that “whatever happens is for good” and “this situation too shall pass”.

Nothing is permanent in this Worldly life. Neither your sorrow nor your happiness stays too long.

We as humans have been moving too fast with our daily chores of business and life that, we forgot humanitarian and nature. This is where Covid-19 came as a “Speed Breaker”.

I would say that this happened for good. There are many theories behind how Corona Virus emanated and many questions remain unanswered. Everyone is making their own claim and definitely it has started from Wuhan is clear.

The problem came to light and various measures were taken around the World and the damage have been limited.

Now, if that was the virus which leaked out of the laboratory as claimed of Wuhan, the Covid-19 came as a “speed breaker” to tell the World that never do any wrong activity as it may kill you as well.

Next step, in sometime, after the Covid – 19, becomes invalid and void, will be to stop all such wrong actions and intentions.

Luckily, the casualty is limited and the spread and if the magnitude would have been more what be our situation.

Hence, the Covid-19 “speed breaker” happened for good of the humanity for the future.

And “this situation shall pass”. We all will come out of it soon and back to our normal situation.

Let us now address this situation with regard to Nature, Business and Spiritual/Philosophical ways.

Nature – We all are responsible for these calamities. We all have forgotten our basic culture and character and have tried to be more self-centered.

We have cut all the tread around us and never bothered to plant it again, now these days of hibernation/isolation or Janata curfew have made us think that Neem, Tulsi & Turmeric are so important.

These can be grown inside your apartments campuses and top of the buildings, individually in their houses, streets and let us start working towards that.

Further, let us all make a resolution that we will never indulge in manufacturing of any such products which can harm the society.

Business – Definitely, the Covid – 19, have hit the business community around the World and we see that the business community keep giving messages everyday in the media about the losses that it has to face and go through due to such a cosmic disaster disease.

Myself being a part of the Industry feel the brunt and witness the magnanimity of the problem and sympathise with all the investors in this chaotic situation.

At the same time, a thought flashed up in my mind that, did we all make a statement when things were good and free flowing, that we were doing good and earned good profits. Unfortunately, no.

This Covid – 19, have come as a warning that, we should keep away some part of our good times as a contingency fund to take care of us during such calamities.

Let us be prepared for the worst, when things are going fine with some reserves to tide over such tough times.

Spiritual – Covid – 19, have come to unite all sections of the people to pray for the well being of the society, Country and World and forget our caste, religion or language barriers.

Let us not have any hatred for anyone and let us have one faith that we all are humans. Today we are praying for everyone around us as we fear that the virus at the neighbourhood will finish us also.

So, it is a warning to have compassion for everyone around us.

Let us unite to fight the demon Covid-19 and thank God for warning us and saving us for a better tomorrow.

With love,
Vasan. Suri

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