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Decent thriller 


– Review

Anandhi who waits at the bus stop goes missing. Retired DSP Prathap Pothan seeks the help of private detective Narain to solve the mystery.
Karthi, a suspended sub inspector is assigned to help Narain. The duo begin their search for Anandhi.
Their search leads to several startling revelations. Were they able to find Anandhi, what happened to her forms the rest of the story.
Several movies have been released in the recent past about surrogacy and ‘Yugi’ joins that list as well.
Director Zac Harris has a strong story in hand, but the screenplay and execution could have been better. The screenplay does not create the much needed curiosity for a thriller.
However, some of the revelations and twists which come during the climax portions are interesting.
It is Narain’s show in the first half where he holds the proceedings together. Kathir gets a much bigger scope in the second half.
His performance is top notch in the pre-climax sequences. Pavithra Lakshmi does a decent job in her role.
Anandhi has delivered an intense performance, which can be rated one among her best so far. Natty’s performance as the henchman is convincing.
Pushparaj Santhosh’s camerawork is passable. Ranjan Raj’s music is impressive.

Rating: 3.7/5 

By Naveen


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