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Fresh and fragrant

‘White Rose’

– Review

Anandhi leads a happy life with her husband from abroad. One day when her husband is out with his daughter, he is shot dead accidentally during an encounter.

Due to this, Anandhi, who is struggling financially, chooses a wrong way to earn money.

She is kidnapped and tortured by a psycho murderer RK Suresh. Anandi struggles to escape from the psycho. Was she able to succeed or not form the core plot of the movie.

Directed by K Rajasekhar, the movie has a solid plot and begins in an interesting manner.

The director has made sure that the thrilling element is carried out throughout the first half.

However, the movie does not have many twists and turns to excite the audience.

Anandhi gets a meaty role and shines in it with her performance. Be it the portions where she is happy with her husband, or being ignored by her father, she is brilliant with her emotions.

The way she struggles when being held hostage by a serial killer connects well with the audience.

R K Suresh is terrific as the serial killer. He does not speak much and does all the talking.

Rest of the cast including Rittika Chakraborthy, Varshini, Sasilaya and Vijith have all done their part well.

Music by Johan Shevanesh is impressive and gels well with the theme of the movie. Cinematography by Navin Kumar is good. Rest of the technical aspects are passable as well.

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen

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