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Vasanth Ravi along with his team of YouTubers make videos on superhumans. Once they get to know that an incident in Theni revolved around a young boy getting miraculously saved from being hit by a truck, the team begin to investigate the region in search of the superhuman.

Meanwhile, Rajiv Menon, the head of Dark Society, a group of wealthy people notoriously known to exploit power within their realms, are also after the superhuman race for their own gains.

Who is the superhuman that both the teams are after? Which team was able to reach out to him, what is the backstory of the superhuman forms the core plot of the movie.

Directed by Guhan Senniappan, the movie is the first of its superhuman films in Kollywood and it has been explored well.

The way in which the backstory is narrated and the motive behind each and every character is established well making it an interesting watch.

Sathyaraj plays a key role in the movie and his screen presence makes his character very convincing. He aces in his role and has done a neat job with his seasoned performance.

Vasanth Ravi as the Youtuber is impressive in his role and has done complete justice to his role.

Rajiv Menon as the antagonist is a surprise package and has delivered what was expected from him.

Rest of the cast including Tanya Hope, Yaashika Aanand and Mime Gopi have all made their presence felt.

Music by Ghibran gels well with the theme of the movie and elevates a few scenes.

Camerawork by Prabhu Rhagav has captured the proceedings in an effective manner. Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are impressive as well.

Rating: 3.5/5  

By Naveen

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