Veetla Visesham – Movie Review by Naveen

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Honest remake

Veetla Visesham

– Review

Sathyaraj lives with his wife Urvashi and their two sons Balaji and Vishvesh. Balaji is a biology teacher and Vishvesh is in high school. 
After an intimate night Urvashi becomes pregnant and decides to have the baby.  But they are also concerned about what others, especially their sons, might think about their decision. 
What happens next and how Balaji and Vishvesh react to their parents’ decision forms the rest of the story. 
The makers have retained the original story from ‘Badhai Ho’ as much as possible with some minor changes. 
The powerhouse performers Sathyaraj and Urvashi have held the movie together. 
Balaji clicks with his humour portions and shines in the emotional sequences as well. Aparna Balamurali has done her part well.  

Karthick Muthukumar’s camerawork is impressive. Girishh Gopalakrishnan’s music gels well with the flow of the movie.

Rating: 3.5/5
 By Naveen

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