Varalaru Mukkiyam – Review by Naveen


Love history 

Varalaru Mukkiyam

– Review

Jiiva is an Youtuber who lives with his father K S Ravikumar and mother Saranya Ponvannan. A Malayali family comes to their neighbourhood. 
Kashmira and Pragya are sisters and their father is determined to get them married to a groom from Dubai. 
Jiiva falls in love with Kashmira. The one side love soon becomes a double side. Were the lovers able to get married forms the rest of the story. 
Director Santhosh Rajan’s strength lies in the way in which he has been able to weave an interesting screenplay with an ordinary story. 
The humour in the second half has worked out really well. Jiiva is sure to impress the youngsters with Varalaru Mukkiyam. 
It is so refreshing to see him in such a role after Siva Manasula Sakthi. He looks fresh and energetic which are his major strengths. 
Kashmira looks beautiful and her acting compliments her beauty as well. Pragya has delivered a decent performance in her debut movie. 
VTV Ganesh plays the role of a minister and love advisor and makes his mark. Music by Shaah Rahman is youthful. Sakthi Saravanan’s camerawork is impressive.

Rating: 3.5/5  

By Naveen


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