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Kamal Haasan, the multifaceted icon of Indian cinema, has been a prominent figure in the film industry for several decades.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has not only acted in numerous critically acclaimed films but has also tried his hand at directing and producing.

However, like any prolific artist, Kamal Haasan’s journey in cinema has not been without its share of ups and downs.

One intriguing aspect of his career is the existence of several shelved movies that, for various reasons, never made it to the silver screen.

Let us take a look at some of the movies of the actor which were shelved after official announcement.


One of the most talked-about shelved projects in Kamal Haasan’s filmography is ‘Marudhanayagam’. Announced with much fanfare in the late 1990s, this historical drama was supposed to be a magnum opus directed by the acclaimed director K.S. Ravikumar. The film was set during the British colonial era and featured an epic tale of rebellion. However, due to financial constraints and other logistical issues, the project was put on hold indefinitely, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its revival.

‘Thalaivan Irukkindran’:

‘Thalaivan Irukkindran’ was another ambitious project that garnered attention but unfortunately faced a similar fate. Directed by the legendary filmmaker S. Shankar, the film was supposed to be a political thriller with Kamal Haasan playing a crucial role. Despite its promising premise, production challenges and disagreements led to the film being shelved, leaving audiences wondering what could have been.


In the mid-2000s, Kamal Haasan announced a science fiction film titled ‘Moo’, directed by his longtime associate, K.S. Ravikumar. The movie was set to explore the theme of global warming and its impact on the planet. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints and other logistical issues, ‘Moo’ was shelved, leaving fans disappointed by the missed opportunity to see Kamal Haasan in a unique and socially relevant role.

‘Thevar Magan 2’:

After the success of ‘Thevar Magan’ directed by Bharathan, Kamal Haasan announced plans for a sequel in 2018. However, controversy surrounding the potential for caste-based violence due to the film’s title forced the project to be halted immediately. ‘Thevar Magan 2’ remains a shelved endeavor in Kamal Haasan’s filmography.

‘Sabash Naidu’:

Following ‘Vishwaroopam,’ Kamal Haasan revealed his directorial venture ‘Sabash Naidu,’ centered around a character from his blockbuster ‘Dasavathaaram.’ Despite the excitement generated by the first look and teaser launch, the film was dropped, leaving fans longing for the anticipated collaboration between Kamal Haasan and his daughter, Shruti Haasan.

‘KH 233’:

Recently, Kamal Haasan announced a collaboration with director H Vinoth for a film initially titled ‘KH 233.’ Expected to be an action-packed entertainer, Kamal Haasan underwent training for various firearms. Unfortunately, ‘KH 233’ was abandoned as the project’s development failed to meet Kamal Haasan’s expectations, marking another regrettable addition to the list of shelved films in his illustrious career.

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