Truths about SPB’s treatment cost and Vice-President’s ‘intervention’


Singer S P Charan, son of legendary singer S P Balasubrahmanyam who passed away recently, has reacted to rumours of Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu intervening to clear SPB’s hospital bills.

It was said that MGM Healthcare Hospital had charged more than Rs 3 crore for the singer’s treatment and only released his mortal remains after a balance of Rs 1.85 crore was paid, that too after the intervention of Venkaiah Naidu’s daughter.

Reacting to this, Charan said, “I don’t know why people do this. How offensive and hurtful it will be for people associated with this issue? It is disheartening. Definitely it is not a SPB fan, because SPB fan would not do something like this. He was not someone who hurts others. He was someone who forgives. I forgive this person.”

“He has no basis for spreading this rumour. How much of an inconvenience is caused because of one person’s action. I have nothing to say. God bless you,” Charan added.

“We are grieving and without even giving us time to recover, we’ve been inundated with questions every day. There are rumours that we felt the hospital had given us a huge bill, so we spoke to the TN government, asking for relief, and apparently when they didn’t respond fast enough, I spoke to the country’s Vice President, whose daughter ultimately settled the bill.

Truth is, we’ve been settling the bills in parts during the course of my father’s treatment. Insurance had also covered a portion of the bill. After his demise, I asked one of the doctors if there was any outstanding amount. Our accountant had come with money, too. But the chairman of the hospital had asked them to not charge us anymore and facilitate smooth discharge of my father. I was confused and asked if I could settle the bill later. But they said money was not an issue,” Charan added.


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