‘Thunivu’ – Review by Naveen


A bold attempt


– Review

Ajith and his gang comprising of Manju Warrier, Amir, Pavi and Ciby are contract thieves who are equipped with all the high-end technologies and weapons. 

One day, they are approached to rob a bank headed by John Kokken. Though they refuse it initially, the team takes it up eventually. 

They also unearth a scam. What is it and what happens next forms the rest of the story. 

Director H Vinoth has conveyed an important message which will strike a chord with everyone.  

The dialogues in the movie are top notch and also reflect reality. It is Ajith’s show all the way and it is good to watch him in an anti-hero role. 

His looks, mannerisms and swag are certainly a visual treat for his fans. Manju Warrier is stylish and stands out. Rest of the cast have also done their part well. 

Samuthirakani does justice to his part and John Kokken is okay as the antagonist. Ghibran’s music is pulsating and Nirav Shah’s camerawork is stunning.


By Naveen


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