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A decent family entertainer


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Dhanush is a food delivery guy and is the namesake of his grandfather Bharathiraja, who is more like a friend to him. 
Bharathiraja, once a Casanova, has a lot of dating tips for Dhanush, but love keeps evading him. Dhanush shares a not so good relationship with his father. 
He holds a grudge against his father, which comes out as rage. Other than his grandfather, Dhanush has another childhood friend Nithya Menen. 
Was Dhanush able to find the love of his life, was the issues between Dhanush and father solved forms the rest of the story.
The movie is very close to reality and there is no unnecessary heroism of out of context commercialisation. 
Dhanush is very much aware of his strengths and his weaknesses and delivers a hearterning performance as Pazham. 
Nithya Menon is a complete bundle of joy and her performance is effortless. 
Bharathiraja, Prakashraj have all done their part well and have got into the skin of their respective characters. 
Director Mithran Jawahar has not tried anything different from the age-old family drama, but what stands out is the way in which he has treated the story.
 The screenplay is refreshing and the actors have supported the director’s vision with authenticity. 
Anirudh who has been composing mass songs and BGM for top heroes in the recent past has given a soulful track in this flick. Rest of the technical aspects are good as well.

Rating: 4/5

By Naveen


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