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A gripping crime thriller


– Review

Suzhal comprises three different plots. The first plot is about a police team of Sriya Reddy and Kathir trying to find out what happened at a cement factory in Sambalpur. 
In the second plot the second daughter of Parthiban, union leader of the cement factory workers, goes missing. 
Parthiban’s first daughter Aishwarya Rajesh returns to the village to find her sister. Third is the events that unfold around the Mayana Kollai that takes place in the village. 
Created and written by Pushkar Gayathri, every character in the series has a nice depth. 
The proceedings are kept interesting throughout all the eight episodes. Kathir delivers yet another stellar performance. 
Aishwarya Rajesh is impressive in her role. Parthiban stands out as the caring father who is searching for his daughter. 
Too much information is being conveyed in the middle episodes which affects the flow during this phase. 
The series is technically sound as well. Music by Sam C S is intense. The visuals of Mukesh are stunning and add more value to the storyline.

Rating: 3.8/5  

By Naveen

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