Sivakumarin Sabadham – Review by Naveen

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Promise fulfilled

Sivakumarin Sabadham

– Review

‘Sivakumarin Sabatham’ is based on the life of weavers in Kancheepuram. As usual, Aadhi comes as a youth with not much worries.

However after a certain turn around of incidents he takes a vow. What is it and was he able to fulfill it forms the rest of the story.

The movie which is also directed by Aadhi speaks about the relationship between a grandfather and grandson.

The first half is energetic with songs, love and humour. The second half is filled with emotion and sentiment.

Aadhi has carried the character well and shines in the role.  Maadhuri does not have much to do but scores in the scenes in which she appears.

The rest of the cast and crew have also performed well. The first half will be enjoyed by the youth.

The message delivered in the second half is an important one and should be appreciated.  The technical aspects of the film are also good.

Rating : 3.5/5

By Naveen


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