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The story is set in a district on the outskirts of Namakkal. Poochiyappan lives with his grandson Kumaresan outside a village. 
Kumaresan’s parents were killed by a gang for eating beef. Poochiyappan wants to give good education to Kumaresan and ensure that he has a good future. 
Poochiyappan does all kinds of jobs to ensure that Kumaresan gets a good education. He also works as assistant to Vellaiayan, who wants to eat pig meat. 
Vellaiayan asks Poochiyappan to get the best pig meat in the area. This leads to a series of incidents, what happens next forms the rest of the story. 
Most of the films that speak about caste are based in South Tamilnadu, but director Tamizh has set the premise in North Tamilnadu. 
Dialogues from the movie grabs attention immediately. The director has also presented the bonding between grandfather and grandson in an effective manner. 
Maanikkam as Poochiyappan is very effective, he has delivered a natural performance. Master Ashwin is energetic and is impressive in the scenes with Maanikkam. 
His performance in the climax sequence is appreciable. Pugazh Prasanna as the Pannaiyar is apt for the role. His body language and dialogue delivery suits the character. 
Pradeep Kaalirajan’s camerawork plays an important part in capturing the landscape. Bindhu Malani’s music gives a different feel altogether.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen

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