Samyuktha Hegde reveals her skin secrets

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Samyuktha Hegde of ‘Comali’ fame has revealed her ‘five steps’ to achieve glowing skin and healthy mind.

“For everyone asking about my skin routine (MY 5 STEPS). 1. I drink lots of water (hot water twice in the day). 2. I eat well (really well),” she said.

Giving more tips, the actress stated: “Maybe it’s not seen by I have a biiiiggggg appetite. And I mostly eat vegetarian food (not saying vegan cause I happen to end up eating cheese sometimes). 3. I don’t consume too much sugar (not because it’s a diet but I haven’t liked sweets and chocolates from my highschool days, now the urge to eat them is veryyy rare).”

She added: “4. I exercise/sweat everyday (This discharges all the toxins and pumps the required endorphins to keep my brain happy and my skin healthy) 5. I DO NOT USE ANY SKN CARE PRODUCTS (only natural stuff, mostly just aloevera. And I wash my face with a mild facewash.”

Samyuktha was in the news recently after she was allegedly abused by a group of people in a Bengaluru park.


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