Rudhra Thandavam – Review by Naveen

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Rudhra Thandavam

– Review

Police officer Rudhra who is incharge of tracking the drug cartel in the coastal area of Chennai is framed in a murder case. He is said to be the reason behind the death of a juvenile who was arrested for smoking in a public place.

This case is linked as a caste based murder. How did Rudra prove his innocence forms the rest of the story.

Director Mohan G has taken his own sweet time to establish the character of Richard and to get into the main plot.

However, a lot of research has gone into the details of the drug mafia which is evident on screen. The court drama is also done well. Richard has delivered a natural performance. He shines as an upright cop in the first half and an ordinary man trying to prove his innocence in the second half.

Dharsha Gupta has done her part well. Thambi Ramaiah and Radha Ravi have delivered some strong performances in the movie. Manobla, Y G Mahendran, Malavikka Avinash have all done their part well.

Gautham Vasudev Menon stands out in his performance as the antagonist. Farooq’s camera has captured the drug world in a realistic manner. Devaraj’s editing is crisp. Jubin’s music is another major strength of the movie.

Rating: 3.7/5  

By Naveen


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