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Married life matters 


– Review

‘Romeo’ follows the story of Arivu and Leela, who are pushed into marriage despite Leela’s strong opposition. As Leela dreams of pursuing an acting career, family pressure forces her into marriage with Arivu.

The film attempts to portray the familiar trope of a reluctant couple who eventually find love, but fails to offer any unique perspective. While set in contemporary times, ‘Romeo’ has the innovation to distinguish itself from similar films.


The chemistry between Vijay Antony and Mirnalini Ravi, who play the lead roles, is good, making it easy for the audience to invest in their relationship. Despite their characters’ dynamics, the film’s emotional impact, particularly in the climax, works positive.


‘Romeo’ also leans heavily on self-referential humor, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. This meta approach, while entertaining at times, also compensates for the film’s minor shortcomings


Certain scenes, such as one where Arivu champions feminist ideals, come across as forced. Music and cinematography are added strengths.


Overall, ‘Romeo’ delivers an entertaining romantic comedy, borrowing elements from real life by capturing their essence well.


Rating: 3.8/5

By Naveen

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