Rashmika Mandanna wants to get back to work


It seems Rashmika Mandanna is tired of holidays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The actress has expressed her eagerness to get back to work.

“It is stressful, but it gives you a thrill. It is amazing when you get applause after a scene from the entire team. I love that feeling, I want to get back to it as soon as possible,” she said in a video interaction with fans.

On her hotel secrets, she said, “I am guilty. The hotel people are now going to be very happy with this. I am one of those people if I like their shampoos, I take them and once I stole the pillow cover. I am sorry, it was really nice pillow cover, I wanted it so I stole it.”

She touched the hearts of her fans recently by saying that she would like to be their family and not just as her favourite actress.

“I don’t know why anything comes my way I’d just smile through it.. be it good or bad.. and honestly, I am super proud and grateful for myself. I don’t think anyone ..” the ‘Geeta Govindam’ actress wrote.

She said further: “JUST ANYONE has seen the bad days or the mood swings on my face,” she posted on Instagram while sharing a new photograph in which she can be seen folding her hands in a namaskar pose.”


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