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Sibiraj’s right hand will be under his control only if he holds a smiley ball in it as he suffers from alien hand syndrome.

He gets married to his childhood crush Nikhila.  The newly wedded couple leave for Manali to spend their honeymoon.  However, Sibiraj discovers a dark secret about the hotel in which they are staying.

This leads to a cat and mouse chase between the hotel’s owner and the couple. What is the secret and did the couple manage to escape the owner forms the rest of the story. Sibi and Nikhila do not have much scope for acting.

Only during the scenes in which they escape from the villain’s gang do they get to display some emotions.

Monish Raheka as the antagonist has a decent job. Sathish and Manobala have done their part well.

Director Vinod has tried to deliver a movie with a social message. Though the storyline seems interesting, the movie falters in the execution. Pls

Music by Ramjeevan is average. Arvi’s camerawork keeps the proceedings interesting.

Rating: 3.25/5

By Naveen


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