Rajini rocks in ‘Into the Wild’ with Bear Grylls


Superstar Rajinikanth performed some risky adventures in the highly anticipated episode of ‘Into the Wild’ with Bear Grylls that went on air at 8 pm on Discovery’s channels on Monday.

The episode, which marked the television debut of Rajinikanth, went on air across 12 Discovery channels including Discovery Channel, Discovery HD, DTamil, Animal Planet, Animal Planet HD, TLC, TLC HD, Investigation Discovery, Investigation Discovery HD, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo and Discovery Kids.

Rajinikanth and Bear Grylls explored the wilderness of Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, where the ‘thalaivar’ not only climbed an old iron bridge, which was 50 feet above the ground but also crossed a water body.

Soon after the episode was aired, social media was full of congratulatory messages. “Age is just a number. It is indeed, for the superstar,” said a tweet. Another post read: “Just watched the premiere. Wow! What a beautiful soul you are Thalaiva…so stylish and charming even in the woods”.

According to a Twitter user, “The tasks may not have been too tough… Still, Mr Rajinikanth at his age completed them! And all his talk was quite endearing. Good one, Bear Grylls!”

A post went like this: “As Bear Grylls said lot of times on the show, Rajinikanth is an inspiration and a legit example for the saying, ‘Age is just a number’… Two incredible persons, one amazing show.”


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