R K Suresh’s ‘Visithiran’ – Movie Review by Naveen


An emotional thriller 


– Review

 The movie directed by Padmakumar is set in Valparai. R K Suresh comes as a cop who takes VRS. 
Flashback tells us Suresh stays away from his wife Poorna after the death of his ex-lover Madhushalini. 
Poorna applies for divorce and stays away from him. He stays with his daughter, who dies in an accident. 
Following this, a depressed Suresh becomes an alcoholic. Soon, he is informed about Poorna’s death and her organs are donated. 
Smelling something suspicious Suresh finds out that the accidents are actually planned murders for organ theft. He sets to find out the gang that is behind all this. 
Was Suresh successful in finding the gang that forms the rest of the story. Though the plot is interesting, the slow paced screenplay acts as a drag. 
Padmakumar should be appreciated for showing the organ theft crime in a thriller story. 
Suresh has three different getups in the movie. He shines in the character and it is safe to say that this is one of his best performances so far. 
The supporting actors, Bhagavathi Perumal, Ilavarasu, George Maryan and Anil Murali have all done their part well. 
Vettri Vel Mahendran’s cinematography keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. Editing by Sathish Suriya is good and crisp. 
GV Prakash’s BGM is top notch, but the songs are average. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen


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