Pistha – Review  by Naveen


Fun-filled marriage story


– Review 

Metro Sirish is someone who stops marriages that take place without the approval of the bride. 
He faces several hurdles when it comes to his marriage life. His lover also leaves him due to some reasons. 
Did Sirish get married or not, what happens next is the core theme of Pistha. 
Director Ramesh Bharathi has made the movie based on the concept of someone who has stopped marriages as a job. 
He has conveyed an important message without getting preachy. Metro Sirish has an innocent look but does big things. 
He shines in the love portions and is impressive with his expressions. Mridhula Murali as the female lead is apt for the role. 
Though she does not have much to do, Mridhula is quite impressive in her character. 
Rest of the cast including Arundhathinayar, Sathish, Yogi Babu and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan have all done their part well. 
Music by Tharun Kumar is good and catchy. M Vijay’s camera has captured Kumabkonam and its surrounding places in a beautiful manner. 

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen

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