O2  -Review by Naveen


Breathes life



Nayanthara along with her son Rithvik are on their way from Coimbatore to Kochi for treatment. 
Rithvik has a lung condition and will be able to breathe only with the help of an oxygen tank. The bus gets caught in a landslide near Palakad and cannot be located. 
Soon the passengers feel that they will die and try to get hold of Rithvik’s oxygen tank to increase their chance of survival. What happens next forms the rest of the story.
With most of the proceedings taking place inside a small location, the performances  of the actors and some interesting sequences keep the audience engaged. 
Director G S Krishna has created an interesting  background for every passenger which makes it easier for the audience to relate with them. 
Nayanthara as the worried mother steals the show with ease. The bond between Nayanthara and Rithvik is good. 
Bharath Neelakandan’s performance stands out from the rest. Cinematography by Tamizh A Azhagan is impressive. Vishal Chandrasekar’s music adds to the momentum.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen

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