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‘Powder’ is the story of how people cover their original personality just like how they use talcum powder on a daily basis. 
The story takes place in a single night. With election nomination on the next day, a gang of youngsters plan to murder a sitting MLA as he is against the welfare of the people. 
A problem occurs in the house of a senior police official and Nikkil Murukan, who is also a cop, is deputed to solve the issue. Meanwhile, Vaiyapuri kills the man who cheats his daughter. 
Vijay Shri G who assists Vaiyapuri gets caught in another issue. On the other hand Vidya Pradeep shoots a youngster who blackmails her with a nude photo. 
What happens to all these problems and how they are all connected forms the core plot of the movie. Director Vijay Shri G does not waste any time in getting into the story.With so many subplots and problems at hand, things could have become complex.
But director Vijay Shri G has kept things simple with his screenplay and makes sure that the audience are not confused. 
Popular publicist Nikkil Murukan makes his debut as a hero in this film. He fits the character neatly and his body language also suits the role. He has delivered a natural performance as a cop. 
Similarly Vaiyapuri, Anithra, Vidya Pradeep and Chandhini have all done their part well. Rest of the cast have delivered what was expected from them. 
Music by Leander Lee Marty is good, and the songs are repeat worthy. Raja Pandi’s camera work is appreciable.

Rating: 3.5/5  

by Naveen


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