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Fight for justice 

Nenjukku Needhi

– Review


Three girls go missing from a village near Pollachi after they ask for more wages at their workplace. 
Two of the girls are found dead, while the third one is still missing. Police officer Vijayaraghavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) gets transferred to the village to investigate the case and find the missing girl. 
What are the hurdles that he faces, was he able to find the third girl, who is behind all this forms the rest of the story. 
Director Arunraja Kamaraja’s success lies in the manner in which he is able to bring in real incidents into the story. 
He has ensured that the screenplay does not lag anywhere and keeps the audience glued to the screen right from the word go. 
Instead of just saying that one person from one particular caste is bad, Arunraja has tried to convey that there are good and bad in every caste.
The way in which he depicts the character is very impressive. This is a full fledged serious role and he has done it effectively.
Aari plays a crucial role, but has little screen space. Suresh Chakravarthy and Ilavarasy add more strength to the proceedings. 
Dhibu Ninan Thomas has given it all for the movie’s BGM and it has come out well. Dinesh Krishnan’s camerawork is appreciable.

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen


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