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Nandi Varman

– Review

Nandi Varman is a Pallava king who lived 1000 years ago. The archeology department comes to know about a treasure hidden in a huge Shiva temple built by Nandivarman.  

Professor of Archeology Department Nizhalgal Ravi sends a team of students under the leadership of Archeology Officer Bose Venkat to conduct research there.

But, some paranormal incidents happen in that village after 6 pm and people avoid going to that place and also obstruct the investigation in that place.

Later when Bose Venkat’s team investigates the place after pacifying the people, a youth from that village is killed and a student who was in the investigation team is also killed.

The police sub-inspector Suresh Ravi, who takes up the investigation of these murders, embarks on an attempt to find out the mystery that is happening in the town.

Asha Venkatesh from the research team also helps him, what is the background of the mystery? Does the temple really have the treasure that forms the rest of the story.

Director G V Perumal Vardhan has delivered an engaging historical based movie with a low budget.

Perumal has conveyed a lot of information through the movie which is really interesting.

Suresh Ravi’s choice of movies is very interesting. He fits perfectly in the role of a cop in the movie.

He has done complete justice to his character in the romantic portions and stunt sequences as well.

Asha Venkatesh has emoted well and has delivered what was required for his character.

Bose Venkat once again shines with his seasoned acting and his character arc is one of the biggest strengths of the movie.

Rest of the cast including Meesai Rajendhar, Aadukalam Murugadoss and Ambani Shankar have all done their part well.

Music by Jerard Felix gels well with the theme of the movie. Camerawork by Kanirajan, Krishnamurthy and Seyon Muthu is impressive.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen


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