Namitha’s love for dogs


Lots and lots of dogs are left abandoned during the current nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus, as people are not coming outside to feed them. To address this, our celebrities are venturing out to protect the ‘man’s best friend’.

Actress Namitha, who shared a video of herself feeding a stray dogs on the street, wrote on her social media page, “We fed over 40 dogs in and near by our streets. P.S we were wearing Hand gloves and Face masks ! They were really starving and hardly had any water also.”

She added: “I urge you all to at least keep some water and biscuits outside of your apartment or gate. Many of these animals were weak and injured also. Please remember, these strays depend on us in their day to day lives. And given the current situation, they need us more than Ever !! BE KIND, BE GENEROUS! Take care of these beautiful Creatures. Kindness doesn’t cost!”

Singer Soundarya Nandakumar said, “Been seeing pictures of pets dying alone at abandoned homes in India. That’s that worst thing you could do to your pet who trusted you throughout their life ! Take efforts to find out how to transport them along with you if you are wanting to move to another place or city or whatever. Efforts will give you ways to do that.How can you leave like that when those eyes watch you leave the house ? How could one even do that ?”

“Do not try owning a pet if you do not understand commitment. You are responsible for their existence when you decide to grow a pet. They are living beings. Bloody you decided to bring them into your family n showed them love n made them trust you ! When you have promised that you better keep up!” she added.


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