Margazhi Thingal – Review


Simple plot with surprises

Margazhi Thingal

– Review

Rakshana lives in a small town with her grandfather Bharathiraja. She is a pampered child with her grandfather showering affection on her.
Rakshana, who had been scoring the first rank before Shyam Shelvan arrived at her school, is determined to outperform him in the public exams.
As expected, Shyam falls in love with Kavitha and deliberately chooses to underperform in the public exams to let Kavitha outscore him. Rakshana wins, but on getting to know about Shyam’s sacrifice, she too falls in love with him.
Years pass by, and they complete schooling. When it is time to go to college, Shyam chooses to study a course at a college in Chennai. However, Bharathi Raja is against Rakshana going to Chennai and asks her to pick a course in a college near her native place.
So, she decides to confide in her grandfather Bharathiraja the love she has for Shyam. Bharathiraja agrees to talk to Shyam’s parents and finalise her wedding with him.
However, he lays down a condition. He tells Rakshana that the wedding will happen only after they both complete their collegiate education. Until then, they must not meet or talk to each other.
Delighted that she will eventually be able to get married to Shyam by the time she completes her college degree, Rakshana agrees to the condition.
However, when she completes her course three years later and returns home, Shyam and his family are nowhere to be seen.
What happens next is what Margazhi Thingal is all about.
Directed by Manoj K Bahrathiraja, the story moves at a brisk pace. Though a few portions are predictable, Manoj surprises the audience a few times.
With most of the main characters played by newcomers, he has extracted good work from them. Manoj has also touched up on the sensitive issue of caste killings and has delivered it in a convincing manner.
Shyam Shelvan and Rakshana have done a neat job and are very convincing in their respective characters.
Bharathiraja comes up with another impressive performance. Director Suseenthiran who plays a key role is impressive.
Rest of the cast including Naksha Saran and Raasu have all done their part well.
Ilaiyaraaja’s music gels well with the theme of the movie and Vanchinathan Murugesan’s camera work is impressive.
Rating: 3.3/5

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