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Clean entertainer 


– Review

Mathi is a teetotaller who lives with his wife and two children. He works in a private firm that fills cash in Bank ATM. 
He does not have any bad habits and is a sincere worker and is loyal to his family. 
One evening he gets a call from his office saying that he has been dismissed as he has filled the wrong amount in ATM trays which has led to a huge loss to the bank. 
The bank also asks Mathi to return the loss amount which has been incurred by the bank.
What is the reason behind Mathi filling the wrong amount, what does he do after that forms the rest of the story. Director N Prakash has delivered an entertaining film with a simple script. The screenplay is very engaging and entertains the audience. 
Vijay Sivan has done a decent role of Mathi. He has conveyed the emotions of the character in a convincing manner. 
The humour in the movie is organic and clean. Chandini as the housewife has done her part well. She plays a major role in taking the movie forward. 
Suresh Chakravarthy as Vijay’s father entertains with his antics. Namo Narayanan is outstanding in his role. 
Rest of the cast have also delivered what was expected from them.Tanuj Menon’s music compliments well with the theme of the movie. Meiyendhiran’s camerawork is impressive.

Rating: 3.3/5  

By Naveen


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