Koorman movie Review by Naveen


Sharp yet smart 


– Review 

 Rajaji along with his girlfriend Janani, friend Bala Saravanan and a German Shepherd lives in a 12-acre farmhouse. 
Rajaji was a former cop. Intelligence officer Aadukalam Naren approaches Rajaji unofficially to solve cases by sending suspects to him. 
One such suspect who is accused of rape and murder escapes from Rajaji. What happens next forms the rest of the story. 
Directed by Bryan B George, the movie has an impressive core plot. However, the writing could have been a little better. The plot becomes predictable in the second half.   
As far as the performances are concerned Rajaji delivers a decent performance. Bala Saravanan evokes laughter with his one liners. 
Aadukalam Naren is impressive as the intelligence officer. Shakthi Arvind’s camerawork is impressive. 
Tony Britton’s music is good. S Devaraj’s editing is crisp.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen

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