Kodiyil Oruvan – Review by Naveen

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Kodiyil Oruvan

– Review

Vijay Antony’s mother wants him to become an IPS officer. So he leaves for Chennai and resides in a housing board.

He wants to uplift the life of the people living there. So he starts to do some welfare work. This is not liked by the big shots in the area.
They start to give troubles to him. What happens next? Did Vijay Antony fulfil his mother’s dream and form the rest of the story.
Vijay Antony has played to his strengths. He excels in the action and emotional sequences, but struggles in the romantic portions.
Aathmika does not have much scope to perform and is impressive in the little screen space that she has got.
There are several villains in the flick. KGF villain Ramachadran Raju is terrific.
The rest of the villains have also  done their part well.
Despite having an ensemble of cast, director Anand Krishnana has handled them all well. The screenplay could have been made a little crispier.

Songs by Nivas K Prasanna and BGM by Harish Arjunan are good.

Rating: 3.5/5

By Naveen

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