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Message delivered in a pleasant manner  


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Venkatesh and Bhavya are collegemates. They fall in love with each other and break up after a certain period of time.  After completing college Venkatesh goes to his hometown and spends time with his friends. 
His father scolds him, following which he leaves for Chennai seeking a job. There Venkatesh stays with his friend and hunts for a job. Even after attending so many interviews, he does not get a job following which he gets frustrated.
The house owner Rajini Sandi is very supportive of Venkatesh and encourages him. Did Venkatesh land in a job, what happens between him and Rajini forms the rest of the story.

With most of the cast being first timers, they have all done a good job. Be it Venkatesh, his friends, Bhavya and Rajini all of them have understood their role and have done complete justice to their respective characters. 

Story, screenplay and direction by Dinesh Palanivel is good. Instead of just delivering a message, the director has also delivered it in a pleasant manner.
Music by Prashanth Pillai and cinematography by Jayanth Sethu adds more strength to the movie.
Rating: 3.4/5
By Naveen


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