Kaaduvetti – Review


Of caste and love


– Review

The movie focuses on how people approach love in the city and in the village.

The director Solai Arumugam concludes the city love story by saying that parents accept love in the city because of education and economic development.

But in the village love story the director tries to explain the problems faced by the lovers and parents.

In the love story of the city, only the parents indulge and stand by their children’s love marriage. But in the village love story, the entire family gets involved.

Solai Arumugam can be appreciated for the way in which he has presented the lifestyle in a village.

The director also touches upon contemporary politics which has worked out really well.

R K Suresh, the protagonist portrays the role of a person who solves the problems within his community.

Suresh fits the role in a convincing manner and has delivered what was expected from him. Rest of the actors have also done their part well.

Sadikq has given some impressive songs while Srikanth Deva shines with his BGM.

Cinematographer Pugazhendi has captured the proceedings in an interesting manner.

Rating: 3.25/5

By Naveen

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