Jiivi 2 – Review by Naveen


A satisfying sequel 

Jiivi 2

– Review

 The movie begins with where it ended in the first part. Saravanan marries his house owner daughter Kavitha and becomes a share auto driver. 
Soon he is joined by his friend Mani. Saravanan is put in a challenging situation where he is in need of money. So he decides to steal from his friend. 
This sets the triangular theory once again. What happens next and how Saravanan overcomes the effect forms the rest of the story. 
Just like in ‘Jiivi’ the movie stays true to its narrative and theory. The screenplay keeps the audience engaged and creates expectations of what will happen next. 
Director V J Gopinath takes his time to set up the premise as he revisits Saravanan’s past for those who have not watched ‘Jiivi’. 
There are not many dramatic twists and turns, but there is enough of a surprise element to keep the audience interested. 
Vetri is tailor made for the character and delivers a convincing performance. Mime Gopi gets a meaty role and he does a decent job as well. 
Karunakaran as Mani keeps the audience interested with his one liners and performance. 
Sundaramurthy KS’ music is a big plus for the movie. Praveen Kumar’s camerawork is impressive and Praveen KL’s editing is crisp and to the point.

Rating: 3.7/5 

By Naveen


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