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 With an interesting concept


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Satheesh Kumar, a leading neurosurgeon in Chennai, gets trapped in a time loop after he comes in contact with radiation from a machine. 
His day will be reset when the clock strikes 12, and he has to live on the same day of his life.
Meanwhile, he also learns that his wife Mirnalini Ravi is killed by someone at the end of the day.
He tries to stop her death. Is he successful? Did he get out of the time loop forms the rest of the story.
Directed by Mano Karthikeyan, the concept of ‘Jango’ is interesting. The theme of the movie is fresh. but the execution could have been better. Satheesh Kumar does a decent job for his first movie. There is more to improve for him in the emotional scenes.
Mirnalini has also done her part well. But the chemistry between the couple seems artificial.
Hareesh Peradi as the antagonist is terrific. There are a few logical loopholes which can be ignored. Ghibran’s BGM elevates the movie.
Cinematography by Karthik K Thillai is good. San Lokesh’s editing could have been a little crisp.
Rating: 3.3/5 
By Naveen

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