It’s a new experience for me: Anushka


With her film ‘Nishabdham’ (‘Silence’) directly hitting OTT platform, Anushka Shetty says it’s a new experience for her.

“Direct release on the OTT platform is a new experience for me. I am the orthodox type who loves watching films with the audience on the big screen,” she said during an online interaction with journalists.

She said further: “Naturally, I had mixed feelings when I found out about the digital release of this film. But later, I understood that it is the best way for my producers given the current situation. Also, I am happy that the film will be watched in several countries.”

According to Anushka, contrary to the perception, ‘Nishabdham’ is not all about me. The film is not about me being mute. We have not sympathized with this angle and the film is also not about the mute girl.

The other characters are equally important and have superb twists attached to them and my role is the axis to all these characters.

“As I had to play a mute, the makers arranged a tutor for me to learn the sign language. It was quite difficult and the training went on for over two months,” she added.

As the film is set in the US, I needed to get my body language right and had to adjust to working with an actor like Hollywood actor Michel Madsen. All this was not easy and this took a lot of time before I went to shoot. Once the shoot started, the job became easier, Anushka said.


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