I was hurt by people calling me ‘Sympathy Queen’: Samantha


Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu has opened up about her autoimmune condition, myositis, and revealed that she was ‘forced to go public’ about her disorder. Samantha revealed she has myositis ahead of Yashoda’s release in 2022.

“I never wanted to reveal about my disorder to the public. But I was being pushed aside after my divorce. I was labeled as a sympathy queen by many. The number of articles written about me and my health hurt me big time” said Samantha.

Samantha also added that she was “suffering from impostor syndrome” and got scared that “one day when I wake up, it would go away”. She also said that during the biggest highs of her career, she couldn’t enjoy them because of her syndrome. The actor shared that she never attributed the successes to herself, and always attributed it to someone else.

“I was called sympathy queen by the public. My journey as an actor, as a human being, I have evolved so much. Early on in my career, I was anxious and go up (online) looking for nasty articles and what was being written about me. The more people accused me of things, I started to almost question every question every thought of mine. They have forced me to become the person that I can be proud of. When people are going through a lot of pain, they need a portal to project it. And social media is that portal I guess. I do really think that,” she added.

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