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Hot Spot

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‘Hot Spot’ comprises four short stories which are about four different couples and what happens in their lives.

The first story involves Gouri G Kishen and Adithya Baskar. The complications that arise in their relationship when they decide to get married forms the core plot of this story.
The next story involves Ammu Abhirami and Siddharth, who are in love only to later find out that they are siblings.
The third plot involves Janani and Subash. This episode talks about lust and love. Then, there is another story involving Kalaiarasan and Sofia.
Director Vignesh Karthick has tried to portray the movie completely from a feminist point of view and has succeeded in doing that.
The director has created the movie in such a way that it portrays all the women as victims and the men as spectators and villains. The movie is complimented well by some really good performances by the lead actors.
Each and every actor has understood their respective roles and have presented their characters accordingly. However, it is the episode involving Kalaiarasan and Sofia that stands out.
Both of them have delivered commendable performance which conveys a strong message.
Music by Satish Raghunathan and Vaan is good and gels well with the theme of the movie.

Camerawork by Gokul Benoy has captured the proceedings in an effective manner. Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are passable as well.

Rating: 3.5/5    

By Naveen


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