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Sending a strong message 


– Review

Mohan’s daughter Nimisha who is studying in Coimbatore suddenly dies by committing suicide.

However, Mohan is not convinced that his daughter would have committed suicide.

So he starts searching for the real reasons behind her death. The truths that he discovers during his pursuit are startling.

He decides to take revenge on those who are responsible for his daughter’s death.

What happens next forms the core plot of the movie.

Director Vijay Sree piques the interest of the audience right from the word go and has maintained the intensity.

The screenplay raises several questions on the go and they are all answered in a convincing manner as the movie progresses.

Mohan is making his comeback after a longtime and his presence is one of the biggest strengths of the movie.

His new makeover and body language gives a fresh feeling. There are ample stunt sequences in the movie and he has done exceptionally well.

The pacing of the movie could have been better and a few unwanted scenes that do not gel with the flow of the movie could have been avoided.

Anumol as usual shines in her character. Rest of the cast including Yogi Babu, Manobala and Motta Rajendran have delivered what was expected from them.

Rashaanth Arwin’s music compliments the theme of the movie well. Cinematography is good and rest of the technical aspects of the movie are passable.

Rating: 3.7/5  

By Naveen

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