#Har Ghar Tiranga – Har Ghar INDIA – 75 Years of Independent India# Awakening series VIII – India & Indians are a close knit family. Children of “Bharat Mata” Spl. Article by Vasan Suri



Our “Bharat Mata”, has 140 crore faces, with one body, speaking 18+ languages but, the thinking, aim & ambition is ONE.

We all (140 crores) will live together and any slip in our thinking, will be disastrous to all of us.

I have borrowed the above two phrases from our Great Poet and Freedom Fighter, Mahakavi Bharati, who wrote it as 30 crores before our independence.

In this song, he did not bifurcate “Mother India” by religion, region, color or caste. Why it should be now?

Taking an instance of a joint family of 4 brothers with their wives and children and parents living together, the decision on any particular issue for the betterment of the family, is taken by the head of the family.

Sometimes, it is by consensus and sometimes it could be unison. But, the bottom line is for the benefit of the family.

Though, there could be a difference of opinion between the brothers or their wives or the children about the decision.

Still, they have to toe the line of the head of the family. There can be instances of arguments, disagreements, discussions. Purely Democratic.

But, when it comes to the safety and security of the family, all children unite under one umbrella.

Similarly, we Indians are bound to have our own opinions and freedom of thoughts, in the end the common interest for the Nation overtakes our individualistic feelings.

United we stand and that is INDIA.



By Vasan Suri

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