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A soulful remake 

Google Kuttappa


 K S Ravikumar lives with his only son Tharshan, following the death of his wife. Tharshan dreams of going abroad to work. 
Ravikumar feels that he will die alone and does not allow Tharshan to go out of town. Not able to withstand his dad’s control over his life, Tharshan gets a job in Germany and goes to work there. 
Tharshan takes the services of home nurses to take care of Ravikumar. However, none of them are able to handle him. 
Tharshan returns to the country on a short visit and he brings a humanoid robot along with him. He leaves it with Ravikumar who soon develops a bond with the humanoid. 
But Tharshan’s company asks him to bring back the humanoid to the company. What happens next forms the rest of the story.
Directors Sabari, Saravanan have not made many changes to the plot and have retained the core theme from the original Malayalam flick. 
K S Ravikumar fits the role of an annoying father well. The way he handles Tharshan makes us hate him, on the other hand, his bonding with the humanoid is very touching. 
Tharshan shines in his role and is ably supported by Losliya.  Rest of the star cast have also helped with the flow of the film. 
Ghibran’s score amplifies the emotions in each and every scene. Arvi’s camerawork is functional and Praveen Antony’s editing is crisp.

Rating: 3.5/5 

By Naveen


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