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Losliya is a cancer patient and is the only girl in the mechanical department in an engineering college.

Since she was born and brought up in an orphanage she tries to make everyone around her happy. She motivates Harbhajan, a Punjabi boy and Sathish to concentrate on cricket.

Things are all going well until she dies mysteriously one day. How the friends unravel the mystery behind Losliya’s death forms the rest of the story.

Harbhajan does not speak much dialogue in the movie but delivers what was expected from him.

He excels in the dance and action sequences as well. Sathish has got a meaty role and has performed well in the emotional scenes.

Losliya is energetic as a college girl and suits the role perfectly.

Though Arjun comes only in the climax he steals the show with his screen presence.

Director John Paul Raj has conveyed a strong message through the movie and his efforts can be appreciated. Music by D M Udhayakumar is good.

Rating: 3.2/5

By Naveen


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