Foreign Sarakku – Review by Naveen


Delivering a message 

Foreign Sarakku

– Review


Son of a Gujarat Minister comes to Tamilnadu. Getting suspicious about his visit to the State, a Minister from Tamilnadu kidnaps him with the help of a gang. 
What is the purpose of the Minister’s son’s visit? Why did the gang kidnap him? 
Was he rescued from the gang forms the rest of the story. 
The movie grabs the attention of the audience right from the word go. 
Being the debut flick of Gopinath and Sundar, they have done complete justice to their characters. However, their makeup work could have been better. 
Hussain as the villain is terrifying. Similarly Surendrapandian too has done his part well. 
Though Afrina, Harini and Ilakiya do not have much to do, they shine in the action sequences. 
Director Vigneshwaran has delivered a message to the youngsters through this movie. 
Music by Praveen Raj gels well with the theme of the movie. Sivanath Rajan’s camerawork is impressive. 
Editor Prakashraj has ensured that the movie moves at a decent pace.

Rating: 3.5/5  

By Naveen

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