Film with all the features for a successful film: ‘ K. Rajan praises for Bhai!


“Bhai” Movie Trailer Launch Event Stills

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It’s a good film when people talk about the issue: ‘Bhai’ Director Empire Speech at Movie Trailer Launch!

Which is a good movie?_
Director Prameadu speaks at the movie trailer launch of Bhai. !

Emphasizing humanity beyond religions & ‘Bhai ‘ A movie has been made. Adhava Easwara is playing the lead role in this movie. Nikisha as the heroine. Dheeraj Kher plays the villain.

This film is written and directed by Kamalanathan Bhuvan Kumar.
Krishnaraj, Srinia and Aadhava Easwara have jointly produced the film under KRS Filmdom.

Krishnamurthy has done the cinematography for the film. Music composed by Jithin K Roshan.Editing by Idris.

The film is released by PVR Pictures.

The trailer launch of ‘Boy’ was held at Prasad Label, Chennai.

Sri Nia, the great-granddaughter of famous film lyricist Udumalai Narayana Kavi, will make her debut as a producer through this film.
While speaking at the event, producer Sri Nia said,

” Bhai movie is a suspense thriller. Fans who like watching suspense thriller movies will definitely like this movie. It has lots of twists and turns and beautiful knots. In this film we have told not only what is happening in today’s society but also what is going to happen. This story will be new for Tamil cinema. We have taken this at a difficult time in times of Corona challenges. The crew has worked hard and given their hard work. This film will be loved by all ” He said.

Producers Association Guild President Jaguar Thangam speaking,

“The director of this film somehow bought this title with difficulty. Watching its trailer gives hope that it will be a big hit. This film has all the good features and everyone who has worked has done a great job.

Producer and Distributors Association President K. When Rajan spoke,

“The producer who produced the film, the director who directed it, and the lead actor who played the film should win. Your efforts will definitely bring you success.

Bhai means brother. We are all brothers. This film also talks about brotherhood. Brotherhood should grow in this world. Humanity must grow. That is, the one who gives is the greatest. The one who does not give is inferior. There is no other division. When we speak on platforms like this, we have no illusions. Let’s talk frankly. But when we call for greetings, we leave with greetings, even a modest picture. But its trailer is good.

Udumalai Narayanakavi’s great-granddaughter Sreeniya is the producer here. She speaks mixed English. Let’s not forget Tamil too.

Once when I asked MGR why you are presenting Vari Vari, he said it is because of my Guru Nath NSK. MGR acted in the NSK drama troupe on a monthly salary. It was NSK who gave so much that MGR himself could appreciate. He kept on giving till the end. Thiruvalluvar has said that he is so humane. No one in the world said this. It was Thiruvalluvar who said that to avenge someone one should do good to him. This movie which is made with focus on humanity should be a big success.The best thing in the world is humanity. There are All the best to the film’s producer, hero and director. He said.When director Kamalanathan Bhuvan Kumar talks about the film,”Today, making a film is not important, it is not only important to bring it to people but also difficult. Greetings to media friends who are on the job.I see this as a thanksgiving ceremony.The first word should be thank you.I and Nayagan Aadwa Ishwara are friends.When he speaks to me, you too. He would say grow up and I will also grow up. Someone who gives equal respect.He keeps me close and encourages me when I am tired. What we have is a good relationship beyond friendship. This should continue. How many people can I thank for this film? So many people have worked so hard for this film. I have to say that the technicians are friends. I would say that it is a blessing that they are like that.Boy is not only a brother but also a friend.This is a NON-LINEAR type of film. The screenplay is structured so that the first half of the film comes as questions and the second half as answers.This film does not offend any religion. It has been made in such a way that humanity is the basis of everything. I don’t want to say anything else about the film, you have to watch it and say it. He said.While speaking actor Lollu Saba Jeeva,”I hesitated to come to the festival after seeing the title of the film. They think of one thing, edit it in a different way, publish it and create a sensation. I have many Muslim friends who share only love regardless of caste and religion.

I saw the poster of this movie and it says Gulla, vibhoothi ​​band, cross in hand. I asked the director if this is the Jakubhai style of the leader and he said he is also a fan of the leader. They spend and buy. The amount spent by the countries of the world, including India, on the military is high. Don’t spend that much on other good things. Why so many weapons to roy people? After the development of so much science, the question arises as to why. Only love is formless.That is why they say love is Shiva. Love is the highest.We should teach this to the next generation. want What we need to convey to the next generation is only love and good things.I wish this film that speaks of humanity like this should be released on time and become a success.We have seen the effects of storm and flood. Mr. Nammalwar has already said about this that all that will come in the future is not monsoon rains, but stormy rains. Children are nervous about whether school holidays will be held today in every rainy season. So I am giving an idea to the government to change the summer vacations to rainy season vacations. I make a request that the government should consider this.I wish the film success” He said.When the director Empire spoke,” First of all I would like to express my appreciation and congratulations to the Censor Department who censored this film.I thought how they will censor the film with the title Boy. In a way, I appreciate the fact that the censor is over.If this title has been accepted for censorship and then the censor certificate has been received, then this film must be a film that talks about social harmony.We do not discriminate against Muslims. Let’s get along with each other. Everyone has a Muslim friend. If there is a religious issue in some place, they politicize it.But we don’t think so.In the film, there is a line that religion is a political tool. Religion is not an identity for man. Humanity is the religion. If there is humanity, no religion is needed.An extremist does not have any religion. He is not a human being.He is an animal.If he kills 100 people with one bomb, he cannot be a Muslim.He cannot be a Hindu.He cannot belong to any other religion.Mother Teresa is the epitome of grace. Does anyone see her as a Christian woman?Does anyone see Abdul Kalam as a Muslim?We see him as a humane Indian.

Karmaveer Kamaraj was born a Hindu. But does anyone see him as a Hindu? We see him as a good ruler with humanity.

People today pass all the problems as mere news. I don’t see what the solution is. None of the rulers think about it.

What is a great film? Is it a good story? Screenplay? Is it a verse? Songs? Fight scenes? Any movie that talks about a social issue is a good movie. A movie that tells people something good is a good movie. If you look at it that way, Bhai is a great movie. In this era, people welcome and celebrate good movies. .People have started celebrating good films.People should support this film and celebrate it” He said.When NayakanAadhava Ishwara spoke.”We have given our work hundred percent to this film. In the screen world, there is no need to discriminate between small film and big film. It’s just a film. For a small film and a big film, everyone works, the difference is the number of screens that release it.That’s the difference. Otherwise, everything is the same. In that condition, we have all made this film with our hard work.” He said.In the ceremony, the President of the Journalists Association D. S. R. Subhash, the film’s executive producer Akshay, actor Dheeraj, Lyricist Sangha president Tamilmuthan director Shivani Senthil, and the film crew were present.



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