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Fight Club 

– Review

Benjamin aspires to come big in boxing. However, the tag of being a North Chennai resident hampers his progress.
Though Benjamin is talented, he is not able to achieve his dreams. Heartbroken by this, Benjamin decides that no one from his neighbourhood should suffer the same fate as he did.
He becomes a role model for the youngsters in his place. However, his younger brother Joseph sells drugs with his friend Kiruba.
Though Benjamin warns Josephy several times, he does not pay heed. One day Benjamin beats up Joseph and Kiruba.
The duo decides to kill Benjamin and hatch a plan. When there is discussion about who should go to jail for the prison, Kiruba asks Joseph to go to jail and promises to take him out in a few months.
But Kiruba does not keep up his promise. What did Joseph do after coming out of prison?
How Selva is connected in this issue forms the rest of the story.
Director Abbas has taken up the issues that are related to North Chennai and has presented it with strong technicality and an interesting screenplay.
The way in which he has made the characters are very impressive. Each character has its own arc and they are etched with so much authenticity.
Vijayakumar as Selva shines as the youth from North Chennai. He has done exceedingly well in the action sequences.
He has got into the skin of his character and has grabbed the attention of the audience. His chemistry with Monisha Mohan is pleasing to the eyes.
Avinash is terrifying and terrific as Joseph. He instills fear in the audience every time he appears on the screen.
Kaarthekeyen Santhanam as Benjamin Anthony is the heart and soul of the movie. He sets the tone for the entire movie with his scintillating performance.
Shankar Thas as Kiruba, Saravanavel and rest of the cast have all done their part well.
The movie is technically sound with the brilliant camerawork of Leon Britto. Each and every scene is amplified with the music of Govind Vasantha.

Rating: 4.3/5

Review By Naveen

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